Friday, October 28, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

Buffalos, snow and Old Faithful!
We spent a couple of days with cameras at the ready for what ever animals we could see, plenty of buffalos and antelope but we didn't see a bear. There were only 3 campgrounds open in the park and the ranger suggested we go to Mammoth Hot Springs up North. On our way we stopped to see the famous geyser Old Faithful erupt, it spurts at about 90 minute intervals give or take 10 minutes.
The hill behind the campground was large and just the shape of a huge mammoth. Deer roamed casually around the hot springs. We woke to a slight frost and to our delight as we drove around the loop and south the snow fall during the night was spectacular with steam from the springs adding to the amazing scenery.
The next night we spent at Jackson Hole, a popular ski resort village. We went out to dinner and Leon Russsel was playing at the Centre for the Arts so 'great balls of fire' we joined the locals for a night of rock and roll.

When I 1st saw these arches made from antlers on each corner of the town square I thought 'Oh dear' but the deer's antlers naturally fall of every spring. The boy scouts collect them, then have a large charity auction.

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  1. Wow that snow looks amazing and all those antlers! Had both Nans at home for afternoon tea so we read some of your blog that they hadn't seen yet, after seeing Heidi's art work in the ArtStart Exhibition.