Sunday, October 9, 2011

Loving New York

Yesterday started with a tour of the Intrepid Museum which is a sea, air and space complex on Pier 86. We had a close up look at the air craft carrier and heard personal stories of air men in World War 11. Paul enjoyed doing some man stuff and I found it intersting, especially the James Bond style spy plane and a look through the submarine SS Growler.
The day was gorgeous so we headed back to Central Park. We still hadn't found Stuart Little! A Pedicab driver greeted us wth a big grin so we thought that sounded like fun and off we went with Joseph. He took us to the spots of interest like the boat house, fountains, bridges and John Lennon's memorial. But still no Stuart Little even though we went by the lake.
But walking back from the park Paul spotted a huge rat hiding behind a car! Girls were stopping and looking but it didn't move then we realised it was stuffed and the parking attendant had a cheeky grin on his face!!
After seeing the show 'Chicago' which I loved with that great music and dancing we decide to line up for more show tickets and amazingly got into 'Superman'! Well that was spectacular!! The sets, costumes, singing, dancing, effects, everything was superb.
Margaret, we tried a soft pretzel, it was tasty but gee the salt made my toes curl!
Our hotel is just off 7th Ave on West 25th street which is a good walk from Times Square. We have done this walk many times now and feel really safe even at night. I love all the interesting characters like the group we met last night. As we were walking back after the show about 10 flash and shiny cars, some Cadillacs, with load music blaring cruised past. They stopped and we chatted for awhile, they call themselves The Lowriders and are very proud of their shiny machines. We also saw 'The Naked Cowboy' hugging the girls and having his photo taken, so much fun!!

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  1. I am glad you saw the Naked Cowboy! But still no Stuart Little! Love the photo!