Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's all go!

Name tags and seminar bags were passed out as we introduced ourselves. So many faces that we recognised from small internet photos. Hugs and smiles as we finally met and connected names to faces. After dinner and a glass of bubbly with pomegranate juice we spent a lovely evening admiring each others Zentangle art work and special pieces created by Maria.


  1. Enjoying your trip journal! Just curious...what will your hubs be doing while you tangle the week away? I'd love to do the CZT training, but if all the other students are as talented as you, I'd be incredibly intimidated. I can't imagine how your work could be improved upon. Have fun in our tiniest state! :)

  2. Ann, please do not be intimidated, every person here is at a different time in their life and some have only been tangling for a couple of weeks, it's all about sharing a special passion. We are certainly having so much fun. Because This seminar is in a hotel many husbands have joined us, some have work they can do here, others are taking in the sites. My Paul, has rented a motorbike for the week and is enjoying heading out on the highway for his own adventure knowing I am well occupied! Thank you for checking in and I hope you can make it to a seminar very soon!

  3. Wow you will come home with lots of interesting things.