Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Weekly Challenge #133: "Tipple - love it or hate it?"

Before we head to the outback we have stopped down by the seaside at Brighton Caravan Park near Adelaide and it's perfect time for a little tipple. Yes it's 'happy hour' the sea is calm, the sun is setting and my wave has come in!

A few months ago Paul bought a Batavus Moped over the internet and had to collect it here in Adelaide. It is has 50cc engine and you can pedal it like a pushbike. It's perfect for the back of the camper. Paul would like to know if you need to register these bikes in Europe or if you need a licence to ride them. I wonder if anyone can help please?

Paul and his Batavus at Brighton Caravan Park

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Heidi's Winning Card

Our granddaughter Heidi (10) entered an art competition for creating greeting cards run by her school, St Leonards Primary, her gorgeous card was chosen as one of the winning 12. The 12 cards have been packaged up for a fundraiser to help celebrate their contribution to The Arts.

Last night Paul and I boarded The Spirit of Tasmania with our campervan for our overnight trip to Melbourne for the beginning of our Australian Outback Adventure. We are heading to Birdsville for their Annual Racing Carnival which will be an extravaganza, normally Birdsville has a population of about 120 but over the race period the town swells to over 6000 people. Tonight we are at a roadside camp by the Murray River in South Australia and settled just in time to admire a spectacular sunset.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Non- dominant hand

Weekly Challenge #132: "Non-Domonotangle"

Luckily I love the tangle bales, but oh, I do not like using my left hand! The Diva has challenged us to use our non-dominant hand to do a monotangle with bales. I just kept saying to myself that this is good for my brain.

Watercolour background with bales over the top.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

High Tea

To plan or not to plan.....well I had an idea of a theme called High Tea with cups and lacy cloths. Some bits worked some a bit ho-hum but there wasn't the same flow that usually happens with a freestyle, no-plan tangle connection. Samuel likes the colour, Heidi likes the cupcakes and I like the cake and stand. I think cropped into sections I will print some cards.

Size : 74cm x 59cm  (29" x 23")

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Weekly Challenge #131: "Monotangle - Dex-teria"

The Diva has chosen dex for her monotangle challenge this week and I have taken inspiration from Maria's latest post Circling a square.
The background colour is a black tea wash. Such fun!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Henna Drum

Weekly Challenge #130 UMT v. XIX: Henna Drum

Jane MacKugler's henna drum is The Diva's featured tangle this week. I love tangles that swirl and curve and henna drum has elegance and a superb delicate bloom effect. As usual I couldn't stop at one, thanks Jane and Laura.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

From This to This

A couple of weeks ago I posted this tile, it was fun to extend the lines out to form poke-leaf, poke-root, pendrills and zander so with the inspiration of this tile I moved onto a large sheet of paper 74cm x 59cm (29" x 23") to send the lines off and explore more tangles, I just didn't know where or how it was going to end. That is the fun about the Zentangle feature of unknown outcomes. I was also inspired by Helen's stunning Ribbon Ring on a little lime,  Thank you Helen for sharing your magical ZIA.

A close up

Another close up