Thursday, October 6, 2011

Uptown to Harlem

Our 1st stop today was the Museum of Natural History, everything from the smallest bug and butterfly to the largest whale and elephant, dinosaurs, the stars and moon, all very impressive.
Then for a change of pace the Apollo Theater (our We enjoyed the atmosphere in Harlem with friendly people stopping to chat. Paul loves The Blues so he bought some CDs from a street stallholder 6 for $10.00, I hope they work!!!
I can't remember the last time I had a hotdog but it was on my list to 'eat a hotdog in Central Park' it may seem a simple thing to some people and it is a good memory for me, yes I enjoyed it!
We finished the day with a night bus tour to Brooklyn and a 'yellow taxi' trip back to our comfy hotel.


  1. What a wonderful adventure you're having! And the best is yet to come!
    Did you eat a soft pretzel yet?

  2. No Margaret, I have seen them, OK I'll try one!!

  3. Heidi would of loved that Museum! Its a pitty you diddnt bump into Stuart Little though in the park, Heidi & Samuel thought you would have.