Monday, October 24, 2011

Cowboy Country

I have had a little time to tangle of an evening and we have made it, way out west. Yesterday we stopped at the famous motorbike rally town of Sturgis. Every August about half a million motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world gather and ride the fabulous roads around the Blackhills. It is very quiet at this time of year but at least we could wander around the museum and shops with ease.
Next stop was the cowboy town of Deadwood, rich in the wild west history of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. We had lunch at an old hotel and check out the beer!

Just on sunset we drove up and around Devils Tower, America's 1st National Monument, a huge stone pillar, it is the core of a volcano and sacred to the American Indians.
There was a campground close by which looked quite deserted and fortunately the caretaker was happy for us to stay the night as long as we didn't need the restrooms. Glad our RV has a beaut heater, fabulous hot shower, good toilet and everything we need.
Today we ventured over the Big Horn Mountain Range, Wyoming, to Cody, Buffalo Bill territory.
The weather is quite mild but there is snow on the mountains, we hope the roads are clear for the next couple of days to explore Yellowstone National Park.


  1. Devil's Tower! If you haven't watched the movie by Stephen Spielberg called 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', now that you've seen Devil's Tower, you must consider renting it.

    Enjoy Yellowstone!!

  2. What a rush to hear of you and Paul's travels. It was such a pleasure to meet you both and put personality to your blog images. Thanks for taking the time and efforts to visit us here on the east coast....I know everyone enjoyed getting to know you and your husband. Safe journey and best to you and your family. Maria and Rick

  3. Sorry to hear that you aren't coming to Colorado, but understand the time limits. So glad you are going to Yellowstone, one of our favorite places on earth! Enjoy!

  4. Shelly I don't know you and I only recently got interested in Zentangle. I think you are the most amazing artist and I love your zentangles. I also love reading about your journey here in the USA. I wish you would have been able to make a stop in San Antonio. We have a city full of art and culture. I would love to show you around. Enjoy and I will be checking your blog to see how you are doing. Hey, do you sell your work? I would really love to add a piece to my art collection.

  5. Looks like you both have seen lots! Did you get through that beer Mum?

  6. 'Close Encounters' is now on the DVD list.
    Part of our special memories are the kind friendly people we have met.
    Thank you! Yes I certainly sell my art please send me an
    Katy the glass was very thick so the beer wasn't as big as it looks!

  7. Oh so jealous!! Would be lovely to go to the home of Harley Davidson one day ... riding our bikes would be better! Glad you are enjoying your holiday so much.