Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fields of Gold

Our 1st 2 nights on the road were spent in Travel Plazas, large flash truck stops. They are very clean with everything you need. The 2nd Travel Plaza even had power plug ins, it cost $20.00 but good for charging up our gadgets (like the computer).
Paul is driving well in the traffic, he drove straight through the centre of Chicago. We parked on a parking meter to go into the Navy Pier area and had to pay with the credit card, that was a 1st!
Although we did have a hiccup coming into Milwakee, I entered a camping ground address into the GPS but when we arrived a 6 lane Freeway had been built right through the middle, all we could see was a broken gate! It was dark at this stage so we stopped the night in a Bank carpark, we had a 24 hr MacDonalds on one side and a drive through ATM on the other, luckily it was quiet and no problem.
A photo of our RV in the Harley-Davidson Museum carpark in Milwaukee, we spent half the day looking about. We had planned to be here in 2003 for the H-D 100th Anniversary but that didn't
happen. We actually had a better look because back then the whole place would have been crowded. Amazing how things are meant to be!!!
Today we crossed the Mississippi River and drove most of the day through thousands of acres of corn fields across the southern part of Minnesota. The area must look stunningly lush and green in the summer. I love the old barns and farm houses. Some of the signs along the roadside are fun to read but I'm not quick enough with camera, one advertised an 'Adult Shop and Bakery' that's OK, I've heard many folks say they are off to the bakery for a tart!
Tonight we are just east of Sioux Falls in a lovely camping ground looking over a lake. It's a bit to cold to get the camp chairs out but the wine is good and we are warm inside.


  1. Sounds like you are really getting to see America, close up and personal. Enjoy your trip it's a beautiful country.

  2. When I was a child, my father would drive from Seattle Washington to Ionia Michigan every other Summer. I think it's the best way to see the USA, big cities, small towns, and fields aplenty. Wait until you get to the Rocky Mountains.You sound like you're having a great time camping along the way. Congratulations for doing it!!

  3. I love that you are now driving across the country! Although I live in Colorado now, I am originally from Wisconsin and just returned from a trip there to see family. They all live in the Milwaukee area and have attended the HD Anniversary events held every 5 years. Any chance you are coming through Colorado?

  4. Wow, Michele! You two have done some serious travelling! Glad to hear you made it to the H-D museum! Looking forward to the next set of pics as you head across the plains to the mountains.

    Today I put your lovely tangled poem you gave me in the cover of my 3 ring binder that I prepped with our CZT 7 notes.. Happy trails...
    Sadelle from CZT7

  5. To my FAVORITE tangler! - Thank you so much for sharing your travelling experiences with us! I'm having such fun reading your posts :)
    Wishing you safe travels and lots of adventures!

  6. Brilliant photos and journey, Shelly. Many congratulations on becoming a Zentangle teacher.