Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blind Sighted

The Diva's challenge #84.......Blind Sighted.
Eyes closed.....draw string!!!
In Zentangle we talk about the surprise element of unknown outcomes so closing your eyes, taking a breath and let your pencil do the walking is a great start to letting go of any decisions and judgement. Often once you start, certain tangles pop into your mind and ta-da inspiration sparks. Thanks Laura.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scroll Feather With A Little Cruffle

Have you been to visit Helen at a little lime? Helen has a delightfully delicate style for drawing Australian native flowers and has created a beautiful new tangle called scroll feather.
I couldn't resist playing with it and also popped in some of Sandy Hunter's cute cruffle.
Thank you Helen and Sandy.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Art Deco

Last weekend I stayed at the  Wrest Point Hotel Casino  in one of their budget view, the good rooms have a spectacular view over the Derwent River. The casino was built around the original hotel constructed in the 1930s. This is where the cheap rooms are and I loved walking the halls to see the fine examples of Art Deco architecture. The lights really took my eye so I quickly took out a tile and drew a string. The actual lights were filled with patterned coloured glass, here is my version.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Mooka is one of my favourite tangles, I love the way it flows and grows with freedom like a spring garden. So I was excited to see mooka chosen as one of the tangles for Laura's challenge this week. Assunta is quite different in the way of keeping to precise steps or it loses it's neat effect. My assunta did lose it's way in the mooka garden and looks more like seeds. That's where I am happy that we can be diverse, play, bend the rules, nip and tuck!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Rotary Club Charity Art Show

The Rotary Club of Hobart held their annual Charity Art Show at the weekend.  It was a wonderful success with many people interested in Zentangle, it was a joy to share and chat with the crowd who gathered around the table to tangle.

I was extremely delighted that four of my large ZIA pieces sold and 2 smaller unframed pieces also.
Life in our world of Zentangle is full of beautiful surprises.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Weekly Challenge #82: UMT v. VII "Brayd"

After spending 2 weeks in Vietnam with temperatures in the high 30s (celcius) we arrived home to snow on the mountains and a cool fresh breeze. We had a fabulous adventure and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning about a different culture.
There are over 5 million motorcycles in Ho Chi Min City ridden mostly by young people beeping and buzzing about the narroow streeets.
Our tour took us from Ho Chi Min City up the coast by overnight train to Hoi An, (which we loved), Hue, then flew onto busy Hanoi and peaceful Halong Bay. This was the 1st time we had actually booked a tour with a group and it was great. We enjoyed the company of the other 7 fellow travellers and our entertaining guide.

Back to the challenge.......surprise! I am thrilled that my brayd has been chosen by Laura's linky machine for this week. It is such a treat to see everyone's fabulous creations.

Some of my favourite Vietnam pics..

Sunset    Halong Bay

Home delivery!!!

All day, every day traffic!

Fruit tasting at the market in Hoi An

Fishing boat