Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Great American Road Trip

All along Interstate 90 were signs about the Corn Palace at Mitchell, intrigued we made a stop, the whole building which is a community and sporting venue is decorated each year with corn cobs, stalks and grasses from the region. This seasonal event has been happening for over 100 years. A Tangler's delight!
We have continued into the Badlands, the roads and scenery are picturesque with the changing colours from desert to the green and gold of the trees in the Blackhills of South Dakota. We have seen the small prairie dogs dart down their holes, deer grazing on the side of the road, even a large buck with beautiful antlers. Last night 3 huge bison just roaming calmly while people stopped to take photos.
Luckily the weather has been good to us, we woke one morning to a slight frost, with a clear sunrise, gorgeous! Yesterday we were able to miss the rain while admiring the amazing carvings on Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.
As we came into Rapid City last night just on dark we spotted a campground with the most wonderful view over the city, perfect except for the 'Closed for the season' sign!! Ok the GPS guided us to another campground 2 miles down the road but no, that was completely gone so we settled down in a Baptist Church car park, safe and quiet.


  1. Love that you're now officially part of Mount Rushmore, Michele! Great photo :-) Hugs to you both and continued safe travels.

  2. My goodness... you guys are seeing more of the USA than I have! Your travel notes and photos are inspiring me to think about some RV travel! Too bad the campgrounds were closed. But I have heard that Australians are very creative and tenacious when faced with challenging circumstances! (... and a closed campground would be very challenging for me!!)lol

    Looking forward to your next travel journal entry!

    Have fun!!!