Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tangled name

9cm x 9cm tile

Have you tried Linda Farmer's challenge at
Spell your name using tangles. It is a fantasic idea if you have trouble trying to decide what tangle to do next!
S - swarm
H - hepmee
E - ennies
L - lacy
L - laced
Y - yincut


  1. Love it! I'm running into trouble with TWO "i" letters in my first name and a lack of knowledge of any "i" tangles that are official...

  2. This challenge leads to uncommon tiles – that´s my impression at least.

    Love how yours turned out!

  3. Love this. I might have to try this challenge!

  4. Lovely! I was going to do lacy since I haven't tried that one yet but I went on to do lava juice instead. It was my first time doing Yincut! Had trouble the very first time.

  5. Thanks, it is extra fun when a tricky tangle works!