Wednesday, January 19, 2011


You may be wondering what a louffska is! I am not sure if they lay about and snooze all day or if they curl up when you touch them. I do know that louffska was a beaut sounding 'blog verification word' so here is my louffska tile!


  1. lol – great name for a thing snoozing all day long and curling up when touched ;-) .
    This one lives up to its name for sure!

  2. No idea what a louffska is so I looked it up and neither does the odd. Ok, I did my part. What is it?

  3. I love it! You are making zentangles out of verification words! Cool idea. There is a Scandinavian dish (made from potatoes) that sounds a lot like your word, but I like your definition better. I love all the swirls and the organic feel of your work.

  4. I have been collecting the most interesting, humorous word verifications for some weeks now. I totally love your use of this one!!! Will look back through my list and see what tangles might pop out!!! Methinks Dr. Seuss would have loved both tangling and word verification 'words'.

  5. If you eat to many potatoes you might want to just sleep all day.
    Betsi thanks for looking it up and I am glad it's not anything disgusting!
    I love the idea of collecting word verifications!!