Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday handiwork

Size - 25cm x 21cm

OK, the weeds can wait, I put the rake and wheelbarrow away and settled back with pen and paper!


  1. Just one word... Prints! I need one of these on my wall. [grin] ♥ it, Shelly! Love your organic rendering of Gingham (it looks like cloth draping down). And the diagonal mid centre base to upper right corner: is that one of your tangles? It's gorgeous! Those little swirls in the lines make it 'just right'. Goldilocks would be perfectly content living in this one. LOL

  2. Shelly, I love the variety of texture this drawing achieves. The whole piece flows and interconnects in a beautiful way.
    Joni CZT#3

  3. Another breathtaking piece! Love the fans and leaves that run through the right/middle-wonderful.

  4. Thank you, the tangle running through the centre is Carole Ohl's 'Coaster' but a bit stretched out.
    Kit, I am sure a print can be arranged.