Thursday, January 6, 2011

Natural instinct

9cm x 9cm tile

When drawing a string my natural instinct is to swirl!


  1. Shelly: I have to tell you, since starting to tangle about 8 months ago you inspire me more than any other zentangle artist on the web. I marvel at where you come up with your ideas and designs. I just wanted you to know your artistic reach touches me half way around the world.


  2. These swirls and the variations of 'verdigogh' always remind me of your artwork, they make a ZT yours. And the intermitted lines even in nettings ;-) .
    I love your swirls – they belong to you!

  3. Mary, thank you so much, I am very grateful for your comments and this fabulous art form. I am also amazed at what we can design on such a small tile and everyone's creative style.
    Thanks Phine, lets swirl and twirl together!