Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Dingus is sprouting Artoos!

Thanks for the chuckle Margaret!
The thing in the middle didn't have a name and I remembered Margaret had left her verification word dingus with her last comment. I thought does this thing look like a dingus? So I Googled it to see if a dingus was something and yes it's a watchamacalit, an article whose name is unkown. It comes from the German word dinges meaning thing.
So I hope you like my dingus!


  1. Liebe Shelly, ich liebe dein 'Ding'!
    Dear Shelly, I love your dingus!
    It made me smile and left a very warm feeling to read what you googled…
    Your flourishing pattern is so beautiful and makes me wish spring to come.

  2. LOL! Great post to read right away in the morning with my first cuppa. Great work!

  3. *lol*

    I love your "Ding", too. I googled "watchamacalit" and it means "Dingsda". It sounds like "Dingus". Perfect multilingual! Your beautiful tile is an wonderful "Ding-Dingus-Dingsda".

  4. Love your dingus - the Artoos are bloomin!

  5. Love it! I can almost imagine it swirling through the air.

    p.s. my verification word...Enasus. Another good name!

  6. I love your dinges,
    The word means "thingy"
    or the "You know what"