Monday, June 13, 2016

Workshop in Cairns 2016

Cairns in far north Queensland is becoming one of our favourite destinations especially when we can combine a holiday with a 3 day Zentangle Workshop! Isn't that living the good life?
We explored the basics of reticula and fragments, designed book covers and enjoyed the flow of the gold pen.

Thank you Yvonne Rein CZT21 for inviting me to join you for this special treat.
Thank you Ingrid Douglas for once again sharing your beautiful home and space for our happy tanglers to create and be inspired.
Thank you Tegan Rein for your loving meditations each morning.



  1. Fantastic work! I love that version of Tripoli in the 5th image, top left tile. Where each triangle looks wrapped, I need to try it that way! It might make me love a tangle I struggle with!

  2. Oh we had a ball with you Shelly Beauch. You have rejuvenated our group and given us some challenges to continue on with. You are always welcome up here.

  3. It was wonderful to meet you & Paul, I adore the CZT community and am inspired to tangle more & more! Thank you

  4. These are all so beautiful and putting them together makes them even more wonderful.