Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ellish with Mooka

During the week Stephanie Jennifer sent me an idea to create a tile linking ellish and mooka.
Oooh yes, they morph together with a nifty connection. I am certainly going to do more of these combinations.
Thank you Stephanie for such a splendid idea.


  1. LOL there can't be many tangles out there that you couldn't match up with Mooka. Mooka and loose flowing tangles like it are your 'thing' :-) This one is particularly successful however, I do so admire your style.

  2. It turned out better than how I had envisioned it!

    I, for one, never quite took a liking to Mooka. And I never understood why everyone loved it so much. But it has grown on me in recent months, and we are starting to be better friends.

    I love how the Mookas overlap each other in your tile. And the subtle shading really gives it life.

  3. Combining these two is right up your alley. Great looking Zendala. I like the little bit of color.