Thursday, August 20, 2015


The Diva's Weekly Challenge #231: "The Undulating Tangles in C and S minor"

Undulating SSS are pure bliss to draw, thank goodness for that!
Last week I developed a Vitreous Floater in my right eye, it has appeared as a cobweb like shadow which at first I tried to brush away but it's just floating there with nowhere to go. Apparently my brain will gradually adjust to it so until then I am trying to ignore it. Amazingly my mind is able to forget about it while tangling. The strange thing is that while reading a book I see it....weird.

Back to our challenge, I love doing S shapes and have been playing with Kelley Kelly's meringue lately which is so free and undulating!  Popsicles is made up of S shapes also so I decided to add coloured tones with the Prismacolor pencils.




  1. Beautiful tiles! I especially love your "Popsicles", the coloring is so soft and lovely. Your work is always so inspiring.

  2. These are really lovely - I always love seeing your tiles.
    I have had a vitreous detachment too a few weeks ago. Initially I thought I had a hair in my eye but now it us cobwebby like yours. Hope you have had your retina checked out as well.
    Like you say it seems to disappear when concentrating!

  3. Your Popsicles Zendala look like they are floating across the page. The second one is nice, but the Zendala is my favorite. Like the tones.

  4. Thanks for sharing your S curve tiles. It has been so much fun seeing what each persons Favorite S curve tangles have been.