Saturday, August 29, 2015

Audio Meditations

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #232 : Duo Challenge: Audio vs. Betweed

Holly Attwater has beautifully guided us through three audio meditations using Bijou tiles.
Check out the Diva's site and follow the links to find the lovely audios.

Betweed is always fun so I popped it in also.

Thank you Holly, that was a lovely idea.



  1. All are done well and I like the brown in Betweed.

  2. Oh, so beautiful!
    I think it's funny that we all heard the same instructions but we came up with different tiles!
    You could think that an bijou tile is so small there couldn't be so much different tiles but there are... very amazing!

  3. Oh my... I located ANOTHER over achiever! YIPPEE!!

    All FOUR tiles are beyond lovely! I am always inspired by the gorgeous art you create and these pieces are no exception. Thank you so much for the kind words and for participating in the Duo Challenge.

  4. Your work is always so graceful, Shelly. I love to look at it.

  5. All lovely, and so very graceful and with your special touch!