Saturday, May 3, 2014


Our news programs have been showing the whirl of devastation and chaos caused by tornados crossing the US. My thoughts are with those who live in the path of these tornados.
I didn't plan to depict a disaster scene as I have never been through that kind of turmoil and destruction but I think a tornado can be seen sweeping across the page.

Have you played with these great tangles?
zanholli by Sandra Strait  (bottom of the page)
elven by Helena (left side)
logjam by Wayne Harlow (right side)

Keep safe.

Size: A4


  1. Trauriges Thema, aber super gezeichnet!
    Schönen Tag,*Manja*

  2. Your work is so inspirational. Awesome.

  3. Oh, what a magical artwork! Absolutely stunning! :)

  4. Love the flow that you have created, and it looks like there are some more tangles I need to try out! Thanks for that.

  5. Michele, you are a wonder!!! Love this awesome tangle!!!

  6. It's great to get recommendations from you for tangles you are enjoying. It's frankly overwhelming to keep up with tanglepatterns. But, of course, I love that site. Thanks so much for your tips and fun work!

  7. Michelle you have been on my "favorites I follow" side bar for a long time on my blog.
    I do use logjam but I don't think the other two are ones I know, am looking them up. At the very bottom the vertical ones…is this a variation of Zander?

  8. Oh I just looked up the zanholli one and I see that it is not Zander after all.
    I really like that one. Thanks so much for sharing. And I do love this whole piece.

  9. I really like this piece!

  10. Love your new photo!! . . . . .and your terrific tangles too!


  11. Shelly, let me ask you a question regarding "Tornado". In the upper far left corner and then coming down the page a bit there is a cornucopia kind of looking tangle spilling out the fluke tangle. What is the name of that particular tangle...I can't find it to learn how to draw it.

    Thanks a bunch. from Duane.

  12. Duane, that's betweed with 2 lines instead of one.