Saturday, May 10, 2014

Five tiles

Earlier this week Maria wrote a fabulous article on blog Zentangle (you can read it here) about appreciating our art and not to worry about achieving that perfect piece. It truly doesn't matter if a line kinks or a circle blobs, those little imperfections can add a quirky touch, there is a lovely freedom in that.
So tangle on a tile, toss the tension, feel the tingle of appreciation, pop it in a card and give away with a smile.


  1. Super Artikel und deine Tangles sind wundervoll!
    Schönes Wochenende,*Manja*

  2. Beautifully done ... and said! Your work always enchants my day.
    I also totally agree with Maria in her article, and not just because all my lines kink. Somehow the tangle comes out really nicely with all its imperfections.
    thank you for sharing such beauty.

  3. Utter EYE CANDY ... Your contribution adds so much beauty to our world, Michele!