Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back from the beach

This morning it was hard leaving the sparkling blue water of Bridport.
The internet was very slow while we have been away, actually we were fortunate to be able to connect at all so tonight after the washing is done and things are back to normal I will settle in my comfy chair and flip through The Diva's challenge list and see what wonderful Zentangle art has been created.
Love the beach home too!


  1. Hello Shelly,
    I love your work zentangle inspired art works Shelly! They are so creative and get my drawing juices going! I was wondering if you would consider filming one of your drawing sessions, so that us (the world) who love your work can see how you do your wonderful art. Some of your zentangles in particular the star in today's drawing is amazing and I would love to see how you do it. With the hope that I too would be able to draw my own intrepretations of that zentangle. Julie

    1. Oh wow thank you Julie, I will try and work something out with a video. That star was a surprise and such fun.

  2. Beautiful piece yet again.... you're such an inspiration... I love how you flow with your tangles....

    Sandy S

  3. Beautiful! Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday :)