Saturday, February 16, 2013

Inapod Spiralation Step Out

Carole Ohl's inapod is a favourite tangle, it can squeeze into many spaces or flow out and escape.
I have had a few requests for ZIA step outs so I chose inapod in a spial string on paper -
19cm x 28cm  (7" x  11").
Thank you for popping by, I hope you enjoy what you see.

Draw a spiral string in pencil and curvy lines in pen.

Start filling in spaces with inapod.
I like to extend the ties and add more for fun.
Add a little colour if you wish.
Embellish with more tangles
Shade and add light with the white charcoal pencil.
Click on image to enlarge. Happy Tangling!



  1. thank you for this! it is always interesting to follow an artist's progress....

    Sandy S

  2. Thank You very much this. I am new zentangle fun and just started to practice. I am not sure, if You mean to tell how You did Your own beautiful picture or do You mean that I can draw with same steps. I am very sorry if I understood wrong Your idea.
    I have ordered a kit from zengtangle site, but I am too eagerly to learn.
    I have visited many days here Your blog to adore Your wonderful artworks.

    Greetings from Finland, Siini

    1. Siini, sharing our ideas and tips is a wonderful aspect of Zentangle. I am happy for you to play with the design, you may follow the steps or take parts to put into your creation. Thank you, enjoy!

  3. Thank you! I really enjoyed working from this and appreciate your step-by-steps through it. I haven't made my way to a class yet, but have still had hours of enjoyment playing.

  4. Thank you so much! I always enjoy looking at your work and you taking us step by step through it was an extra treat. From Argentina, Julia

  5. Omigosh, I was just sitting here wishing you would show how you do your Zia's and viola!! I'm so excited--this is beautiful and I can't wait to play! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work and how to's!

  6. I am also new to Zentangle and I find it very helpful to see an artist's work step by step - so thank you very much. Yours is one of my favorite sites and spend hours just looking!!

  7. Thanks everyone and welcome new tanglers. I will do more step outs so stay tuned!!!

  8. I am new to Zentangle also and have fallen in love with it. Your work is awesome!

  9. Thanks for showing the process. The final product is so beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous, Shell! You so know how to dance a tangle. I love the delicate natural flow. It's always fun to see someone else's process. Thanks for sharing that too!

  11. Fantastic, Shelly :) I love it! Can't wait to have a play :)

  12. Beautiful!! Love the mix of black and brown color. The fact that there are no mistakes is certainly encouraging.