Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beate Winkler's 101 Favourite Patterns

This week I have been inspired by CZT Beate Winkler's new book 'Das GroBe Zentangle - Buch. As you can see by the cover it's in German, I took that as a challenge to learn some new words and downloaded a translator. You don't actually need to do that because all the tangle step-outs are clear and easy to follow. Many tanglers from all over the world sent Beate their patterns, I love that aspect of Zentangle that we can share and enjoy each others ideas no matter which language we speak. Beate has included variations to many of the patterns in her own elegant style.

Thanks Beate!
Check out Amazon for ordering a copy.

Here are 2 tiles including Rubenesque, a nifty tangle by Hannah Geddes CZT from the UK which can be found on age 93.


  1. The book is LOVELY! I've been working on an Opius Tile using the book. Don't read a word of German and have been too lazy and too content with it just like it is to work from. Tranlations later. . .Wonderful book!

  2. I couldn't find it in Amazon. The link did not work for me :^(

  3. I found it...I had put in an English title, duh!

  4. Great book and your two tiles are amazing as always :)

  5. Oh, how wonderful Tile with Rubenesque. Thanks Michele for sharing. I have to Show Hannah (she was my roommate in Providence CZT 15). Thanks again.