Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catching lampions

Mariet from The Netherlands creates absolutely gorgeous Zentangles, you may have seen some of her creations on flickr, she now has a blog, I suggest you pop over and take a look at her fantastic art! Today I played with her tangles Lampions, Fishnet and Toeter.


  1. Beautiful tangles and design. I'm going to have to try them too. And thanks for the link. I'm checking it out next.

  2. These are beautiful patterns! Gathered in an awesome tile…
    Thank you for finding and sharing the link to Mariets blog ;-) .

  3. You do such beautiful work. I enjoy and look forward to seeing your blog each day.

  4. Loving the Lampions! Another Dr Seuss, playful tile from you Michele... and yep - another smile from the southern end of the State. (A bright point in every day, dropping by your blog!) Off to check out Mariet's blog now - thanks! I've been admiring her photos of Flickr for a while - so it's cool she has a blog now! (We'll be thinking of you Tuesday... while we eat our - Mel, cover your ears - Mississippi Mud chocolate torte!! [grin])

  5. Shelly... I do not get around to comment all the time !! But I have to tell you .. YOU ARE AMAZING !! You have such an elegant style that has spoken to my soul from the very first time I saw your tangles. I so treasure the ones I have in my collection. One in particular that my dear Marvin loved so much !! I think of you often. Wonder how you are!! As you saw on my blog I am on a great adventure. Thank you for your sweet comment. I know Marvin is cheering my on in his place in heaven !! Thank you for cheering for me as well !! Hugs to you dear one !!! Kristy

  6. Hi Shelly,
    This is a wonderful surprise to me.
    I love how you have used the tangles,
    I'm flattered that you like them.
    I admire your work very much !