Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Inspired by Ancient Egypt

She holds the secrets of ancient times, of gold, buried gems and treasures hidden deep in the ruins of King Ramses tomb.

Renaissance Opus Tile
Last month Paul and I travelled to Egypt for an exciting adventure. We explored the Pyramids of Giza, rode camels, visited the Valley of the Kings, swam in the River Nile and the Red Sea. We felt safe even slept on a Felucca and wandered exotic markets. Egypt's tourism is down so tours are cheap, the hotels are good and the food fabulous. Go if you can!!


  1. Oh, that’s a gorgeous Opus tile. And what a lovely holiday! I hope you had plenty of fun and brought back great memories.

  2. Wonderful photos of your Egypt travel and great work with these gems and patterns on your opus tile! Love it :-)

  3. Your mummified tangle creation really holds buried gems and hidden tangle treasures. This tile will always be a wonderful reminder of your cherished visit to Egypt.