Thursday, February 15, 2018

Push Squeeze Pull Squash

Our annual 3 weeks at sunny Bridport have passed in a flash! Heidi and Samuel, our grandchildren joined us for the 1st week. 
Heidi and I were pushed to the limits learning Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga.
Samuel and I squeezed in many card games before bed.
Paul and Heidi pulled in just enough fish for our lunches.
I squashed lots of sand between my toes while reading on the beach.
Okay... how do I draw all that onto an Opus tile?

Well actually I didn't but I remembered that I really enjoyed tangling Jenna Black's zenjellies and Sarah Fowler's strutz for the cover of Linda's 2018 Tangle Patterns Guide so I pushed, squeezed, pulled and squashed with just the two tangles. 

Our gorgeous Heidi

Our handsome Samuel

Great read in my special place with the tide coming in

Walking on the beach at sunset


  1. Your artwork and words continue to inspire me from afar. Thank you.

  2. I love Strutz - I tend to draw it thickly and embellish within the colour, but your way is so delicate. I always overlook Zenjellies - perhaps because I haven't seen where they fit, but you've hit the answer here, they need structure around them. Very nice to look at and highly inspiring!

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