Wednesday, October 25, 2017

White on Black

The Diva's

Weekly Challenge #338: White on Black!

Well, well, well, I'm back after an adventure with Paul to Nepal and India. We started our trip in Kathmandu and joined the tour group organisd by Intrepid Travel. In 15 days we made special friendships and incredible memories of places I feel so fortunate to experience like the Taj Mahal, flying over The Himalayas and camping on The Ganges. Sometimes it was quite overwhelming especially walking through the cremation area in Varanasi, seeing the chaos of traffic, rubbish and poverty in Delhi. Amongst it all I have admired the Indian women who walk serenely and calmly wearing gorgeous colourful saris. 'Incredible India'.

My small Zentangle kit actually stayed in my bag the whole trip which is unusual for me and it's taken me a week to settle back into tangling and catching up with Mosaic and The Diva's challenges. I enjoyed watching Rick and Maria's tangleation on Mosaic with the tangle well (which they named well well well) so I've used it in the challenge for this week.

Now for the holiday snaps!!

Rickshaw ride in Kathmandu. Paul always finds a good hat.

That's Mt Everest poking out above the clouds.

Rhino spotting in Chitwan National Park

Lumbini - Birthplace of Buddha.

Boat trip down The Ganges

Sunrise and camping


 Morning prayer and yoga by The Ganges - Varanasi

Sunset - Orchha

The incredible Taj my Zentangle hat!

Loving the ladies in their beautiful sarees.


 Downtown Delhi

Busy Delhi - the horn honking was amazing!


  1. Your tiles are beautiful, as always. Thanks for sharing those photo's; it must take you some time to acclimate.

  2. Beautiful white on black tile!
    I really enjoyed the photo's of your amazing trip to Nepal and India on Facebook. What a special experience. Take your time to come back in your usual flow.

  3. Beautiful tiles and oh what a lovely and memorable trip you had. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  4. What a marvellous trip you must have had. Not sure I could have coped with it all. Your tangling was worth the wait, I feel, with such lovely twisty tangly patterns. Gorgeous.

  5. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure! Your tiles are sublime;-)

  6. All tile are just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful impressions of your vacation!

  7. Your diva 338 reminds me of a jellyfish ... all translucent and lovely.