Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Diva dancing in Lisbon

The Diva's
Weekly Challenge #327: "The Diva dancing in Li sbonGuest Blogger Henrike Bratz

For this week's challenge I decided to use a pre-strung tan tile and try to fit Henrike's fragment Lisbon into triangles.
I missed the last challenge so added some 'Nzeppel circles to fill in the spaces.

Some photos of our travels in Thailand, enjoying the sights, sounds and colours of Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Celebrating Paul's 65th birthday on the 81st floor of the Baiyoke Hotel Bangkok

Amazing tiles at the Grand Palace Bangkok
Fun whizzing around Bangkok in a Tuk Tuk.

Sunday night market Chiang Mai

Sensational melon carvings in Chiang Mai

We hired a scooter, worked our way through the traffic and ventured up over the mountains.

Scooter got a puncture, had to get a local mechanic to repair it!


  1. What a beautiful take on this challenge 😉 Thank you for sharing your travel pics. It looks like grand adventure.

  2. Wow, you did it again: gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing those photo's, I especially like the carved melons!

  3. Beautiful Zendala!
    Such lovely photo's of Thailand, I recognize some places we where in 2011.

  4. You were very brave to venture out of a square-ish grid for your first Lisbon Fragment tile with a nice result. As you know, travel is also one of my passions, so thank you for sharing your Thailand photos. We also visited Chiang Mai and Bangkok. There are some beautiful patterns all around there. Did you go to the Elephant Nature Park, the elephant sanctuary outside of Chiang Mai?

    1. Suzanne, we went to an elephant park, not sure if it's the one you went to. Loved feeding bananas to the elephants.

  5. I had considered adding 'Nzeppel to the triangles created by this pattern. It's nice to see how pretty it does look in your beautiful composition. I really enjoyed your photos of your trip as well.

  6. Very beautiful tile and your trip looks amazing.

  7. Beautiful zendala for this challenge! And it fits so well with your own story from your travel! :)

  8. ooh, the tiles from your trip are amazing - so glad you had a great trip. Your tile is lovely - some structure and some freedom, nice balance

  9. Shelly, as usual your work is exquisite and inviting...both the tile for this week and the pics from your trip to Thailand.

  10. quite a creative and unique way to address this challenge. Like that yo did it on a Renaissance tile. Like the white highlights. The pictures are great. Never been to the part of the world.

  11. Beautiful, I love how you twisted the fragment to fit into triangles!

  12. Wonderful prestrung tile, very original to fill the spaces like you did and absolutely gorgeous pics, especially the one with the melon carves. You both look very nice on those pics!

  13. Your left hand seems remarkably steady, and I like your shading so much there are ideas there I'd like to remember and try.