Sunday, June 18, 2017

Going Around With Shattuck

Recently I tangled a renaissance tile featuring shattuck, by filling in the stripes and adding a highlight with white charcoal pencil it came out quite dramatic.
With the string as 2 curved lines it was calling out for 3 more tiles to make up a mosaic.

4 times the fun!!!!


  1. This would make a great idea for a class mosaic. Or a Travelling Tangles project! :D
    Wonderful work. The brown in the Shattuck really make it stand out.

  2. Love Shattuck. It is one of my go to tangles. Love the brown with the white highlights. Great array of accompanying tangles. Shows what unique things you can come up with with a simple string. I agree that this would make a great class.

  3. Beautiful! I love that a finished tile called out for more!