Saturday, April 22, 2017

Coffee, Tea, or Me

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #312: "Coffee, Tea, or Me!"

Big decision, tea or let's go spicy with some splotches of turmeric!
A quick paste of turmeric and water and splat, no splashes though, it was a bit thick. Love the colour, it reminded me of daisy centres so they blossomed into blooms just for the northern hemisphere spring.

This Opus tile was inspired by last weeks challenge of a circle and square string.

White Opus Tile

An idea for Mother's Day.
Up until Mother's Day with every purchase of
'Today I Will Tangle' I will include a free Mother's Day card.

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  1. I 'm fond of your wonderful compositions, always drawn in a fantastic personal style.

  2. Beautiful work and very inspiring!😍

  3. Wow! gorgeous work. I love your sweet stained flowers and that Opus is amazing;-)

  4. Your turmeric stains look a lot like gems! Did you do the same on the top right of the opus tile? Beautiful!

  5. Oh gosh...I did an opus based on the circle square too.
    Yours is amazing.

  6. Beautiful work! Just the right amount of color too.

  7. Intricate drawing perfectly executed.

  8. Absolutly gorgeous challenge tile and the opus tile is fantastic!
    Very inspiring work!