Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year

The last tangle for 2016........and it's an Opus tile!

As usual my thoughts drifted in and out, about the year gone and the year to look forward to. I was thinking of all the wonderful tangles that we have learnt and those glittery bright gems.
Many ideas for this Opus tile popped into my busy mind but as I slowed and focused drawings just fell into place around the petals. This is when I stopped, thought...... balance, don't over do it, know when enough is enough, appreciate what is already there, elegance of limits and be content.
I am going to try and keep these thoughts with me this year, remember to recognize when to stop talking, stop eating, stop complaining, stop the busyness. Also remember to keep life balanced, be content and try and be a little more elegant!


  1. This is just lovely, Shelly. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  2. Interesting that you talk about "balance" since it's the word I've chosen for myself this year. I love the image you have created, Shelly! Thanks for all you share with us and yes, what a lovely BALANCED tile!!!

  3. A beautiful interpretation of Drawings and a wonderful tile to start the new year. Thanks for sharing all your beautifull tiles and wish you the best for 2017

  4. This is an absolutely gorgeous tile. Great way to start the year. Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

  5. Dear Shelly, you do not need to try to be more elegant! Your art is already a perfect delight. Just keep going as you feel is right,no need to listen to thoughts when your art comes from your heart. Thank you for sharing your inspiring tangled art.

  6. Your art keeps getting more and more refined. I always enjoy viewing your work. Thanks for taking time to teach me in 2016. Maybe again in 2017?

  7. Sorry tried to edit the above without success which was why I deleted it....just wanted to say that your words above really struck a chord and made me smile. Found your blog via the mosaic app., I've lost count of the times I've said the same things to myself 😄. Your artwork is wonderful and, like you I will strive to "stop the busyness" 😄. Happy tangling....
    Sarah (Saffy) xxx

    1. Oh Hi Sarah, thank you for visiting and glad you know how I feel. Yes I recognise your name from Mosaic too....hugs