Sunday, October 30, 2016

1 square 1 round

Playing with colour backgrounds.

Adding colour brings decisions and questions to our tangling. Sometimes we don't want to make to many choices just stay focused on tangles that come to our thoughts. But adding colour is so much fun, especially creating gems! Subtle splashes of colour is a beaut way to add interest too.

The 1st tile has a spill of coffee which I tangled around trying to miss the stain instead of covering it up. I'm interested to hear if you like to cover it or go around?

With the 2nd tile I just added stripes of watercolour with black ink at the bottom plus a touch of gold.


  1. Beautiful pieces that are still very 'you' while at the same time going somewhere a little new. I'm experimenting more with colour, but find I like to bounce back and forth between that and B&W and seem to see the appeal of each more when I return to it having been somewhere different!

    And I tend to tangle on the spills.

  2. The coffee stain one is just right. I like how the tangles sort of round up, and rise above the color, leaving the coffee stain sort of flat, while the tangles are three dimensional. Neat effect. That's how I tend to do it, though not always. As for the round, it's like a sweater knitted out of hombre yarn. I like it!