Saturday, July 9, 2016

Creative with Opus

This week I enjoyed 2 special days with The Creative Miss L. It had been a year since our last class so it was lovely to catch up and chat. With a chilly wind outside we were happy tangling on Opus tiles, linking tangles, exploring fragments and playing with some colour.


  1. Linking tangles is something I need a class or instructions on how to do. It isn't as easy as you make it look. Maybe if I tangled more it would become easier :)

  2. Gorgeous! I am always impressed by (...well all of your mad skills) but mostly your ability to seamlessly integrate different patterns;-)

  3. It was lovely to catch up again and draw for two days. As always, I learnt a lot from you. Looking forward to exploring more fragments and linking tangles.

  4. Love the variety of tangles, and how they come together.
    Lovely border also.
    Great Opus tile !!!