Sunday, April 24, 2016

Easy string No pressure

I am really excited... I have a new window in my office-studio!! The sun shines in all day and I love the space.
It is such a joy to sit in the quiet, watching the magpies, hot cup of tea, pens, paper and no pressure! 

 3 tiles....same string



  1. Oh, how fun is that? :D Doing the same exercise in different ways to get different results is always a great way to stretch your creativity. I love what you did in the second tile.

    And your work space looks lovely and very conducive. Even better now that spring is upon us.

  2. I love the workspace Michele! Gorgeous lighting. <3 And I love the diversity of your 'same string tiles'.

  3. I love seeing the photo of the space where you work. It looks beautiful. I can see your pens lined up, maybe some tiles in a holder on the windowsill, and your art on the walls. And then the three lovely tiles you made there. I'm smiling a big smile, thanks for sharing!

  4. Your studio looks so serene and welcoming! The variations on the same string are great! Inspiring, Mary

  5. Love your new window. I imagine the view from it will give you a lot of inspiration in the future. I also love all three of the tiles above. Could you share what the string was like, please? I have a lot of trouble working out how to plan my layout, but you seem to be able to do all sorts of variations that actually take you away from the string as you go.