Sunday, February 7, 2016

Bridport Tasmania

Every year we love taking Heidi and Samuel with us to our favourite beach camping. Swimming every day, walking, bike rides, coffee, reading, tangling, and laughs at Grandpa's silly jokes, all the good things in life.......simply the best!
                                        ......simply inspired by our beach towels.

View from my our camp

Heidi and Samuel

Love walking this stretch of beach

Heidi's movie


  1. What a great vision this conjured up! How nice to get away with those darling kids at this time of year.

  2. What wonderful places to be able to wander along. I wish everyday items like beach towels would inspire me to do such great work.

  3. What a beautiful place! Your inspiring designs give me a mini mental vacation every time! Mary

  4. You are so LUCKY!
    Lovely children, lovely place, great grandparents and beautiful ART.
    I wish I could be there too :)

  5. What a beautiful place for a holiday. Thanks for sharing the wonderful views and the great beach towel tile!

  6. Wonderful place for holidays! I love your Tiles, they are beautiful! Greetings from Switzerland - Esther