Friday, January 15, 2016

Out of the box!

Wahoo this ZIA bounced out of the colour pencil box in a bright way!!

And here is one for you to colour...have fun!
Size: A4

This Sunday at sunny Bicheno.



  1. Gosh, amazing. I have always admired your artwork for the touches of subtle colour but now even with strong bright colours it looks wonderful. It is still identifiably yours though, possibly because even using strong colours you have left large areas untouched. I would have known it was yours even away from your blog.

  2. Yeah.......What a wonderful COLORFUL EXPLOSION!
    So lovely and creative.
    You should make a coloring book and sell it in your etsy shop!

  3. Beautiful!!! I love your style and the "feel" of your art is incredibly carefree. Thank you for posting! Wish I lived close by So I could take a class.

  4. What a delicious treat on a sunny but cold January day in the UK. Thanks for sharing some hot Australia!! BTW I love your book and it arrived just in time for my birthday - a real treat. Thank you

  5. Your use of color is amazing and inspiring