Monday, March 23, 2015

Spiral String

The Diva's  Weekly Challenge #210: "Spiralstring - that's the thing!"

This week the focus tangle for our Facebook page Square One: Purely Zentangle was mooka and the string I chose was a spiral so this tile fits both groups. I haven't had much time for tangling this week as we have been on a fun bike trip and had a few problems with the internet.

This photo was taken back in 1975 when Paul and I were leaving on our honeymoon.
40 years later, I still have the same husband and we also have the same Triumph and sidecar.

Here we are ready to go again! This time, a relaxing trip around Port Phillip Bay in Victoria.


  1. I LOVE your spiral Mooka, but then you are the Queen of the spiral, right? It's absolutely beautiful. Your blog was fun to see too. I'm jealous of your biking outfit. Once upon a time I had friends with bikes and loved to travel that way too. Have a great time and congratulations on having the same hubby. It's nice to hear that there are many people that have long lived marriages. This year will be my 33rd Anniversary, so I'm getting there too :)

  2. Your tile is lovely as always :-)
    It's so good to hear that some couples achieve this 40 years together in a time that most don't.

  3. The spiral is very much your thing.
    The inspiration you have given many of us to draw Zentangle spirals has gone all over the world. And now you made a beautiful tile again with. It's a joy looking at it !
    Thanks Michelle for the inspiration.
    Lovely to see those pictures of you and your hubby, I also got merry d in 1975 and will be 40 years together in September :)

  4. Lovely tile, as usual, but, most of all, congratulations on those 40 years! Congratulations to Mariët too! My husband and I will soon celebrate 23 years together and look forward to many, many more.

  5. What great photos! I love that you have the same Triumph and took another photo to compare. Congratulations! And again a super tile! LOVE, LOVE the simplicity yet elegance of it!

  6. I love your version of the spiral-challenge, it's awesome!

  7. I really love this photo shot! That you are still together on the same bike! Happy life and another great tile!