Saturday, December 13, 2014

Feeling Festive

The festive season has started!
Rosie Hill's playful jujubeedze sways with a party spirit while arukas has a bit of a thing happening with mooka.  Little jetties are rolling about in all directions. Oops, gneiss has gone green but tripoli has come to the rescue keeping the whole party together.

Cheers, have a jolly weekend, enjoy your festivities and keep safe!


  1. Love this. I am guessing that jujubeedze is the one that looks like an ornament. Love the jetties nestled in the Mooka and dropping down through the Tripoli

  2. Shelly! What a festive and joyous tile you've created. It always brings me smiles to come to your blog. Thanks for sharing such fun stuff. Wishing you happy holidays and of course, a super New Year!

  3. Shelly, as always, a wonderful, exciting, amazing feast for the eyes! Opening your posts always brings me such joy and pleasure. Thank you, once more, for sharing your gift with us! It is truly a wonderful gift! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season - Jakki