Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ernst's Shell

Have you seen Ernst Haeckel's book Art forms in Nature? Check out some images here. It was recommended to me quite a while ago, you will certainly go 'wow' and find it a splendid resource for inspiration.
Rick and Maria have included it in their bibliography in The Book of Zentangle to so that's a good recommendation.

Have a happy enjoyable weekend!

Paper size: 10' X 8"


  1. Beautiful Zia. I really like the shell.

  2. Hello Shelly, Yes, I am an avid reader of that book and use it constantly to get little bits of patterns, it is quite fascinating and I wouldn't be without it ! Glad to see I am not the only only who enjoys unusual patterns from creatures hundreds of metres below the sea! Some of them look decidedly creepy!

  3. Very beautiful pictures and a gorgeous tile. Feels like summer to me. That shell is very inspiring and you rendered it wonderfilly. And your fengles are always the best I ever see. I've tried again and again, I just can"t get them flowing like yours. Great talent!

  4. That's just beautiful, Shelly. You are always a source of inspiration.

  5. i have that book and enjoy just flipping through the pages and drooling :)
    i really love the shell in your drawing! the cross-cut view would work well with one of your gorgeous spirals (another type of shell) behind it. love your spirals!

  6. Beautiful ZIA. Love the flow of the different tangles.

  7. Stunningly beautiful.
    That's your Zentangle I'm talking about.
    The nature images simply leave my jaw dropping.

  8. I really like that star in the corner!!! do you have a step by step for that available? or similar?

  9. Coral the tangle is fengle you will find it here

    1. Coral, if the link doesn't work go to
      click on newsletters and go to 17 March 2012, you will find the step outs.

  10. Thanks for the book recommendation (wow! nature!!!) and thanks for your beautiful ZIA with the lovely shell.