Monday, September 22, 2014

Zentangle Workshop In The Tropics

Oh wow, today my morning started with this delightful movie clip sent from my very artistic friend Ingrid. Our Zentangle workshop was held in her elegant Queensland home set in the lush tropical rainforest nestled between the city of Cairns and the beautiful green mountains.
Everyone focused, relaxed, enjoyed the ambience and created stunning Zentangle art. The enthusiasm of the class was infectious and I was overjoyed with the results achieved.

Thank you so much Ingrid and Yvonne for inviting me to share my passion for Zentangle.

If the link doesn't open ....right click and open in vimeo. 


  1. OH My - what a splendid way to view your workshop (the closest I'll ever come to taking one) - and what a beautiful tribute to you. Just viewing it you can sense their joy.

  2. Awesome!! Well done everybody and an impressive show of the workshop...wish we could bring you to our remote area..

  3. How I wish I could have been there! What a beautiful experience those ladies (and gentleman) had - their foundation for continued tangling comes from one of the best - I shall be watching this video over and over, learning every little thing I possibly can! Michele, thank you for sharing this video and your amazing talents!

  4. What a beautiful video. Wish I could have been there to learn from one of the best. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. This is a wonderful video presentation of your weekend. It really gives us the feel for the group and presents the stunning Zentangle work so well.

  6. What a wonderful weekend it must have been, so relaxing and Zen.
    And what a lovely work your students made :)

  7. What great fun. Wish I were there to experience your gift in person and what was that wonderful music? Loved it!

  8. The music I used in this video is royality free purchased from Origin - Song for Grandpa.
    Glad you are all enjoying the slideshow as much as we enjoyed our Michele and the wonderful creative fun Zentangle workshop.

  9. Michele you must be famous by now.
    We have had 553 plays of this video by now. Amazing!
    It is all about you and your fine talent.

    1. Oh Ingrid, I think it's your stunning production!!!

  10. What an amazing weekend you all had. I thoroughly enjoy watching.