Saturday, March 8, 2014

Something About Auraknot

For anyone new to Zentangle and haven't had a chance to play with auraknot pop over to July 2012 Zentangle newsletter and let your pen explore this super-duper tangle.
You can add as many points as you like, keep them sharp or round them off. It takes a fair bit of concentration and there is focus involved but you don't really notice the missed bits anyway!! There are 2 sections in this ZIA where my mind wandered. The 1st auraknot was supposed to have the star in the centre but it turned out interesting and as I often say "It doesn't matter anyway." I filled in the wrong strip with bunzo in the auraknot at the bottom of the page because I was chatting on the phone and not concentrating.  You may or may not notice these little quirks to much and I thought the over all effect was turning out quite nicely so I kept going.
This piece began with the auraknots first, next the border and then filled in the background.

Size: A3 - 29.7 cm x 42 cm (11 3/4" x 16 1/2")


  1. I was thinking that they would make wonderful snowflakes, but flowers are more warming which I am needing at this time.

  2. A stunning piece of artwork, Shelly. I love the subtle backgrounds which make the flowers really stand out, the colour palette and how the design extends beyond the edge. It's gorgeous!


  3. Wow, Wow, You make amazing artwork. Greetings. Janny