Saturday, February 22, 2014

Card Pack Winners

What an amazing, fantastic, delightful response from all you wonderful tanglers.  Everyone in the Zentangle community is so supportive and thoughtful.

The winners are:

Pack 1 - Spirals......Annie Taylor
(I have to choose Spirals - difficult as the choice is - as you are absolutely my spiral heroine!! No one curls 'em quite like you do.)

Pack 2 - Circles......Carmen G. Burgos
(These are beautiful. And you are so gracious to offer your creations as a gift. Everyone receiving a gift will treasure them for ever. All of them are exquisite. I love circles so if I were chosen that would be my preference but receiving any of them would be an honor.
Blessings for you and your family)

Pack 3 - Squares.....Shar Pen
(We've been in a black-out for a bit ... lights returned and I found your post ... (crowd screams in background!!) How can I pick? Your works are all so stunning ... I'd be happy to hold whichever pack of cards might come my way! Thanks for all the work you do to inspire so many!! )

Pack 4 - Touch of colour.....Gayle
(I would have to go for the colour pack! I am a beginner and am too scared to get out the water colour pencils I was given for Christmas. So I need some inspiration and courage. The only problem would be using the cards. Couldn't give them away.....much less write on them!)

If you are a winner please contact me at with your mailing details.

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The Diva's Weekly Challenge #155: "A Little White Space"

Thanks Laura for another fun idea.


  1. Great tiles. I like your spiral brayd. Your tiles always have such great dimension.

  2. Oh, lovely once again. I am so drawn to the first, because of the blue. Love it! (Just me.)

  3. I like the way you used the white space a lot. The first is really stunning!

  4. I really like both tiles and couldn't choose between either of them.

  5. Congrats to the winners, lucky ladies! Love your two tiles today Shelly, I'm always inspired by your little touches of colour!

  6. Beautiful tiles! I really like the touch of color.

  7. Both are gorgeous! Wonderful the little bit of colour!

  8. Just came to see your amazing 'white space' entries to the Diva's challenge...and almost fell off my chair to see my name at the top of the 'winner's' list!! Wow - as well as loving your two tiles, I'm just so pleased!! Will be in contact. Thank you! Axxx