Saturday, August 3, 2013

From This to This

A couple of weeks ago I posted this tile, it was fun to extend the lines out to form poke-leaf, poke-root, pendrills and zander so with the inspiration of this tile I moved onto a large sheet of paper 74cm x 59cm (29" x 23") to send the lines off and explore more tangles, I just didn't know where or how it was going to end. That is the fun about the Zentangle feature of unknown outcomes. I was also inspired by Helen's stunning Ribbon Ring on a little lime,  Thank you Helen for sharing your magical ZIA.

A close up

Another close up



  1. Stunning!! What a great and amazing zia!!

  2. Wonderful, too wonderful ;-) because I can't do this. But some day I can, because I have paint these tangles so little time.

  3. Shelly, you just AMAZE me with your wonderful talent!! EVERY blog impresses me more and more!! I continue to strive for an ounce of your talent, but alas, I am doomed to ho humness!! LOL!! Thank you, as always, for sharing your beautiful work!!

    1. Felicia, thank you for your kindness and I am sure there is no ho humness in your art, keep tangling and being inspired, you will be humming with contentment!!

  4. Right from the start I could tell your zentangles apart from all the others. You've found your own very beautiful style which shows with every piece you create. Just love it!

  5. Lovely! I’m finding this way late but that’s ok. Thank you for sharing your inventiveness!