Saturday, June 1, 2013

On a Winter's Day

It is the 1st day of winter here in Tasmania so I am trying to keep things bright with a big yellow daisy.
Last weekend we went to see the musical Flower Children - The Mamas and Papas story. Casey Donovan who played Mama Cass perfected the same style of sound, dance and sway, she wonderfully graced the stage with a powerful voice in boots and flowing outfits. We loved the whole show, California Dreamin' is still dancing in my head.

Size: 73cm x 59cm (29" x 23")

Thanks Margaret for the suggestion that I add a couple of close ups.
Click on for a larger view.


  1. i want this!!!!!!! love everything especially the colors!! lacey

  2. Michele! This is beautiful!!!! Happy Winter!

  3. I am totally get confused, how somebody can draw an artwork like this. This is perfect, so beautiful...oh...I love this ♥

  4. This is stunning, as is all of your work! I've added you to my blogroll on my new blog

  5. Beautiful, michelle! I always love your work :)

  6. WOW!!!! I am impressed. Wonderful work. And here, we are seeing flowers now- but also having deadly tornadoes. And oppressive heat/humidity. What material is your large background? Paper? Just curious. I am still working mainly on the Zentangle tiles. I am not a natural-born artist when it comes to the pen and paper, but just love it. Learning more every day.

    Peg in Oklahoma, USA

  7. Hi Peg, we have been hearing about your tornadoes on the news and seeing the terrible devastation, it is such a worrying time for you so thank you for stopping to leave a comment. I have tried many different papers and found one called Stonehenge made from cotton that I like the best, it seems to be the closest feel to the tiles. I am learning every day also, if you look right back to when I started my tangling was very basic but with every day practice, passion and appreciation my style has formed. Hugs and thanks.

  8. Lovely work!
    The fine linework is perfect again.
    The details Margareth suggested are Super!
    So nice to hear California Dreaming again.
    I now also have this song dancing in my head.