Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Power of Zentangle

A couple of weeks ago, while I was out washing the car a wasp bit my right hand. The darn wasp had made it's self comfortable in my polishing cloth so when I picked up the cloth the wasp was not happy at all....wasps don't leave out 'please do not disturb' signs. The pain was quite nasty so that was the end of car cleaning and the comfort of tangling became some good medicine.
I also rubbed a lavender flower into the bite so that might have helped also but I soon realized that while I was focused on tangling the pain completely disappeared and when I stopped the pain returned. Now isn't that a good excuse for sitting by the fire on a Sunday afternoon with pens and paper instead of washing the car.

This ZIA is called...Bitten by a Wasp While Washing the Car

Size: 74cm x 59cm (29" x 23")


  1. Ooooh the bite of a wasp is soooo painful.
    But how nice to find out that Zentangle is a perfect medicine for it, and the ZIA you made with that hand is as PERFECT as always.
    Hope your hand will be better now.

  2. ...think that's called a silver lining ;)
    Beautiful, Shelly!!

  3. Gorgeous artwork and it's amazing how the meditative art takes away pain. Thank you for sharing your work, Shirley

  4. Beautiful, as usual! May I suggest that once in a while you include a detail shot of your work? I'd love to see some of it more up close.

  5. Wow! All that from a wasp! :o) Thanks for sharing and reminding us the power we have at any moment to set anxiety, pain or fear on their heels... Diane

  6. Beautiful again. There is so much to see. I love it!