Saturday, December 15, 2012


Our paths crisscross in many ways and through today's media our world seems smaller. This morning we woke to hear the tragic news of the shootings in Connecticut. On this very sad day, our thoughts and prayers are with the parents of the children, the families and friends of all involved.
Because of the Port Arthur massacre here in Tasmania in April 1996 the gun control laws were changed, I hope there will be changes in the US also.

Size: 27cm x 37cm (10 1/2" x 14 1/2")


  1. On this sad day, this lovely piece of art made me smile.

  2. They won't change the laws...they protect the crazies and make it too simple for them to arm themselves to go out and kill our children. Maybe if it was someone politically involved's children being killed, but even then, I'd doubt it. Sad, sad, sad...But your tangle is beautiful, as always Shelly! A light in an otherwise dark and ugly day...

  3. Here in the Netherlands we are not allowed to have arms. If you do want it (for sport shooting for instance), you have to get a permit. But, nervertheless, there was a big massacre on April 9th 2011, in a shopingcentre here in a town called Alphen aan de Rijn.
    I hope the law in USA will be changed, but as you see, it can still happen.
    Dawn is right, your drawing made a very dark day a bit lighter. Wish we could bring some light to the families involved.