Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Fishy Tail or Tale!

Once upon a time deep under the sea lived a fine finicky fish with a tangled tail. This fussy fish frolicked in the wispy waves, swam amongst the fangles and florz looking for sweet juicy squid!

Can you add a line or two to this fishy tale?

Size: 37cm x 55 cm (14 1/2" x 21 1/2")


  1. I am absolutely not a poet, so no extra lines from me.......but I love your fabulous fish! A beautiful combination of tangles, I love how it flows from section to section. Wonderful!

  2. I especially love the fish's tail! This is so terrific!

  3. The sea was vast and full of sparkly facets and the fussy fish soon became struzzeled. He asked some scallops which wave he should ride, but they were talking warts and wobbles and he could not make sense.

    Michelle you are delightful! That was fun. Kids book in the making?

    1. Thanks Debra for joining in with the fishy tale, our fussy fish could end up anywhere with those warts and wobble directions!

  4. hahaha! debra, that is great! michelle - your drawing is wonderful fun!

  5. What a fun, delightful tale (tail) and zentangle! ... you know, it could turn into a book :)

  6. This is so cute--absolutely love your fishy tale! Too much fun!!