Saturday, October 20, 2012


Today is gardening day! Since my addiction to Zentangle started our garden hasn't had the attention it needs. The sun is shining so I am off to shake the spider webs out of my garden gloves.

Weeds don't grow in my tangled gardens!

Size: 37cm x 55cm (14 1/2"x 21 1/2")


  1. What a brilliant Z-Garden, Shelly! Perfect usage of all the patterns born out of 'real' gardens. However, real can not be replaced. I am reminded of a situation in my city, Bangalore, where they had felled a giant, perhaps a hundred year old tree to expand the road. The funny part was that the compound wall behind the felled tree became visible, and they had painted on that wall a beautiful giant tree with colorful flowers!

    There is lot of fun to go back to the real.

  2. You made a beautiful garden! Hope you have a good day outside in your real garden.
    Here is't autumn and most of the gardening (that is normaly done by my husband Kees) is done now. There are spiders everywhere, so I don't clean the windows because I love to seen them in front of the windows.

  3. Shelly this is seriously and breathtakingly beautiful work...

  4. what a beautiful garden! i could sit and stare at your creations for hours! your mind works in wonderful ways and flows onto your paper through your penwork - i love everything about this montage!

  5. Amazing, amazing detail! Gorgeous :) Hope you had a lovely day in the garden yesterday battling with the weeks (my arch enemy!).

  6. Fabulous work, Shelly. I love everything you make!