Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scroll Feather With A Little Cruffle

Have you been to visit Helen at a little lime? Helen has a delightfully delicate style for drawing Australian native flowers and has created a beautiful new tangle called scroll feather.
I couldn't resist playing with it and also popped in some of Sandy Hunter's cute cruffle.
Thank you Helen and Sandy.


  1. You did an amazing job on it!!! I love her new tangle!!!

  2. This looks wonderful, Shelly :) Thanks for using it, you did a gorgeous job :) I have been putting some cruffle love on most of my pictures lately, such a great pattern.

  3. WOH! What a great tile you made here. I love it.
    By the way: I alsways forget to tell you that I LOVE the poem 'Today'. I wrote it in my scrapbook (is that the name for a sort of diary?) and shown it to friends. Thanks for sharing that!


  4. this is so beautiful.

  5. Beautiful, as usual Shelly! I've been enjoying Cruffle lately too. Will have to try Scroll Feather.