Friday, June 22, 2012

And the winners are....

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of comments and intersest in my 'Spiralation Celebration Giveaway'. Thank you to everyone who entered and taken the time to come up with all the imaginative names. With a lot thought and discussion Katy, Heidi and Samuel chose the winning names.

And the winners are:
#1.....Kip Kozlowski.         Eye-Sea-You 
#2.....Jennifer Van Pelt.     Funky Horns Of Fun
#3.....Mary.                       My Grandmothers's Garden
#4.....Alice.                       Underwater Fantasy
#5.....Anonymous.            Migraine
#6.....Birdie.                      Low Tide
#7.....Sue Clark.                A Star Is Born

Thank you for joining in the fun, if you are a winner please email your postage address at you should receive your ZIA in about 10-14 days.


  1. Congrats to all the lucky winners! Great titles for the ZIAs.

  2. WOW, what a surprise to see that I was picked for #7! How exciting to get a piece of your beautiful art work...what a treasure!!! Thank You!

  3. Congrats to the winners...treasure it!

  4. yay!!!! wonderful news! thanks, shelly, and thanks to Katy, Heidi, and Samuel! you guys rock!

  5. I won, I won!!!! Oh My Gosh! I am so excited!!!! You all made my month!! Thank you!!!!!

  6. Wow! On behalf of Birdie, THANK YOU so much. I can't wait to see this beautiful art. I'm almost as excited as she is.

  7. Michele - my beautiful Underwater Fantasy came in today's mail! i love it!!! thank you again! i want to get it framed first, and then i will blog about it with a link to your page. and thank you for the wonderful card you included - such a great surprise!

    i did wonder one thing - and i will try to email you if i can figure out how - what size pen do you normally draw with? your lines seem so much finer than mine - so i'm curious on your pen size. i usually use a micron 01. thank you!!!